Dino D'Santiago

_ Dino D'Santiago, from Quarteira, is now a central figure in Portuguese music. In musical terms, he works Cape Verdean tradition with the contemporary weight of global electronica, as evidenced by the hit "Kriolu", with the collab of Julinho KSDand co-production of Branko The artist from Algarve, however, has already crossed all musical and social boundaries with marks like selling-out Coliseu dos Recreios (Lisboa), going through unavoidable times, as NOS Alive, MEO Marés Vivas, and more, the Portuguese musician is increasingly establishing himself as one of the main protagonists of contemporary Portuguese music.

Dino D'Santiago brings audiences and critics together in a crowd that has also been joined by the followers of The Voice Portugal (RTP), television program, where the artist from Algarve was a mentor.

Dino D'Santiago is undoubtedly an inescapable name in current Portuguese music. 

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