1. Marcelo Camelo

    releases symphony

  2. Mai Kino

    releases a new song

  3. Dino d’ Santiago

    is also from Algarve, Oporto and from the new Lisbon

  4. Mallu Magalhães

    Madrid and Barcelona (November)

  5. Branko feat.

    Umi Copper for the new single

  6. Cristina Branco

    will act at Castelo Branco December 1st

  7. Tim Bernardes

    confirmed at Super Bock em Stock

  8. Parkbeat Legends

  9. #EnchufadaNaZona

    at OPorto, on October

  10. Mallu Magalhães

    announce Coliseums of Lisbon and Oporto

  11. Norah Jones closes EDPCoolJazz

    (July 31)

  12. Branko

    Club Atlas on RTP2

  13. Cristina Branco

    at Philharmonie Luxembourg

  14. Cristina Branco

    new record in February

  15. Beatriz Pessoa

    new EP released

  16. Branko

    Club Atlas on RTP2

  17. Mallu Magalhães

    Coliseus in October

  18. Branko

    new EP released

  19. David Byrne

    confirmed for EDPCoolJazz

  20. Lisboa Dance Festival

    starts March 9

  21. Mallu Magalhães

    voice and guitar (Europe)

  22. Cristina Branco

    new record (Feb 2018)

  23. Lisboa Dance Festival


  24. David Byrne

    confirmed for EDPCoolJazz

  25. Cristina Branco

    New album in 2018

  26. Mallu Magalhães

    Voice and guitar - European tour

  27. Beatriz Pessoa

    next big thing

  28. RIOT

    new song

  29. Mallu Magalhães

    new song + new record

  30. Cristina Branco`s

    working on new record for 2018

  31. The Pretenders & Jamie Cullum

    @ EDPCoolJazzFest

  32. Mallu Magalhães

    new record (2017)

  33. Branko

    goes on National TV (next September)

  34. Cristina Branco

    on European tour

  35. Branko new video

    Reserva Pra Dois

  36. Jamie Cullum

    confirmed for EDP Cool Jazz Fest

  37. Lisboa Dance Festival

    March 10 & 11

  38. Cristina Branco

    album released on GSA

  39. Lisboa Dance Festival

    March 10 & 11

  40. Cristina Branco

    "Boatos" video

  41. Mallu Magalhães

    new album April

  42. DJ Glue

    invites Oneman in March

  43. Branko collab with MIA

  44. Céu plays in Portugal next November

  45. Cristina Branco`s new tune

  46. Mallu Magalhães new show "Saudade"

  47. Mallu Magalhães plays in Portugal next Sept

  48. Cristina Branco`s new video

  49. Céu plays in Portugal in November

  50. Branko plays at Moma in NYC

  51. Last call for Buraka at July 1st

  52. Cristina Branco

    new album in September

  53. Mallu Magalhães announced "Saudade"

  54. Cristina Branco in Vienna next June

  55. Buraka Som Sistema last show July 1st

  56. DJ Glue invites Tropkillaz in June

  57. Linda Martini are back for a concert on 2016

  58. Buraka Som Sistema are back for the last time

    To celebrate 10th year anniversary tour around Europe

  59. Paus launch new single "Pela Boca" from their new album "Mitra"

  60. My Nu Leng are guests of Riot of the next Fala Baixo

  61. Brasilian Cícero is back to Portugal for 4 shows

  62. Riot @ Fabric, London

  63. O Bloco (Tropkillaz, Karol Conka e Mahmundi) at Vodafone Mexefest 2015

  64. Branko Atlas is out now

  65. Paus prepares to launch new album

  66. PAUS @ ATP Festival (November)

  67. Buraka announces hiatus

  68. Glue invites Mikes Skinner

  69. Buraka playing at Montreaux Jazz Festival

  70. Buraka announces hiatus following celebratory tour in 2016

  71. Branko`s album debut at São Paulo`s Boiler Room

  72. Buraka playing at Montreaux Jazz Festival

  73. Mallu Magalhães with Tricky

  74. Branko debut Atlas

  75. PAUS @ Valencia next June 4

  76. Buraka Som Sistema @ Parklife (UK)

  77. Buraka Som Sistema confirmed for SXSW

  78. Banda do Mar @ Primavera Sound

  79. PAUS - european tour

  80. Branko new record ATLAS

  81. Buraka Som Sistema by New York Times

  82. Banda do Mar

    The new adventure of Marcelo Camelo, Mallu Magalhães and Fred

  83. C.R.E.A.M. nights at Lux with DJ GLUE

  84. Buraka & Vhils join forces

  85. 5-30 is #2 on portuguese top

  86. 5-30 @ MEO SW festival @ August

  87. Cícero in Portugal next week

  88. Branko @ Lux @ April 4

    "Control" is Branko`s new tune and EP

  89. Blaya @ Oporto @ March 21

    Blaya`s is going to present her solo EP at Industria Club on March 21.

  90. 5-30 / “Chegou a Hora”

    Carlão, Fred and Regula all together

  91. Cícero / Portugal / Abril

    Cicero will play in Portugal for three dates.


    June 9th is the release date for the new Buraka Som Sistema album. The band will also perform on the main stage of Optimus Alive on July 11th.

  93. Branko - BBC Radio 1 residency

    Branko is the face of the activism of Global Club Music. The residency in one of the most important radio stations in the world (BBC Radio 1) sets the mission of this Buraka Som Sistema mentor. R1Residency is the radio show that has Branko, aka Anthony Bourdain of the dance music.