Cristina Branco

_ " Cristina Branco is experiencing a second artistic life. In 2011 (...) she recorded the album «Não há só tangos em Paris», further consolidating her place as one of the most consistent and intelligent singers of Portuguese popular music." Gonçalo Frota, journalist 

"Menina" and "Branco", the latest albums by Cristina Branco, attest to a "new normal", the creation of a new standard in her music, and that has greatly influenced other artists. The boldness of the choices of unexpected composers for their albums, as well as an aesthetic approach in terms of image on a very own level, created a personal and unique path. Cristina Branco recently ventured into writing a very personalized book: "RoadCook". An Alkaline Cooking Cookbook (with English version as well).Surprise and novelty are a constant in Cristina Branco's more recent story. In 2020 a new album of the fado singer is expected in the first semester of the year.

Pedro Trigueiro
Inês Lopes
  1. 29 November 2019
    _ HUMLEBÆK, denmark
    louisiana museum of modern art
  2. 10 December 2019
    _ budapest, hungary
  3. 27 March 2020
    _ Mindelheim, Germany
    Mindelheimer Jazztage