Dino D'Santiago

_ Winning "Best Album", "Best Solo Artist" and "Critics Choice" of the PLAY - Portuguese Music Awards are the current indicators that Dino D`Santiago is an inescapable name of current portuguese music.Dino D'Santiago is currently one of the most current images in terms of the Portuguese musical diaspora. Working in the Cape Verdean tradition with the contemporary weight of the electronica with the stamp of Lisbon, Dino D` Santiago has received the most complimentary critics of his album "Mundu Nôbu" (SONY). Born in Portugal, created in Quarteira, Dino D'Santiago has just given us hymns like "Nos Funaná", "Como Seria" and "Nova Lisboa" (produced by Branko and PEDRO). It was precisely with Branko that he debuted the song at the Eurovision show in May 2018. In 2019 Dino performed at festivals such as Super Bock Super Rock, NOS Primavera Sound (Porto), among others. 2020 started off best with a show at The Jazz Café (London). The future is here.

Inês Lopes ines.lopes@arruada.com
  1. 20 March 2020
    _ Setúbal, Portugal
    Fórum Luísa Todi
  2. 20 June 2020
    _ Viseu, Portugal
    Teatro Viriato
  3. 22 June 2020
    _ Santa Cruz, Madeira
    Santa Faz