Teresinha Landeiro

_ Teresinha Landeiro  wants to make a strong mark with her fado. It is at Mesa de Frades (Alfama, Lisbon) that she performs weekly, and it is the starting point for the building of an enviable curriculum despite being very young. The Centro Cultural de Belém and Capitólio (Lisbon) as well as Casa da Música (Porto) have already hosted the young fado singer and composer, as well as events such as Festival Caixa Alfama, EDP Fado Cafe NOS Alive and even internationalization at the Fado Festival in Bogota (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Seville and Madrid (Spain)

In the year 2021 she presented the album ,'Agora' (SONY), which included music written by Teresinha Landeiro herself, revealing a young, ambitious and light fado as the fadista's own personality

In 2022 she started a section in her own instagram called "Alguidar de Palavras" (Bowl of Words) which consisted in inviting personalities to choose a word, and with that same word, Teresinha Landeiro built an original text to a traditional fado. This authenticity allied to an unquestionable quality has placed Teresinha Landeiro in multiple stages all over the country from north to south, presenting her as a national artist that goes beyond the Alfama neighborhood.

In 2023, Teresinha Landeiro debute on the stage of the Festival da Canção, as author and interpreter, with the song  "Enquanto é Tempo".

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