Rita Vian

_ “SENSOREAL” is the title of Rita Vian`s album debut. The first record journey in which Vian explores various dimensions such as composition, writing, production, and image. Armed with the word as the main weapen for everything that her universe communicates, Rita Vian has in “SENSOREAL” the rehearsal of her artistic present, of a poetic and aesthetic manifestation that marks her album debut.

Succeeding the EP “Caos ´a”, produced by Branko, and having a great public and media recognition, as well as a tour that took her to key stages such as NOS Alive, Vodafone Paredes de Coura, NOS Primavera Sound, ID No Limits, Bons Sons, Courage, among others, Rita`s new work continues to explore the connections between electronica, fado and urban poetry.

Inês Lopes ines.lopes@arruada.com

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