Jéssica Pina


Jéssica Pina has been in the ways of her instrument of choice since a very young age: the trumpet. The path she has followed so far, with a jazz background, led her to be invited by Madonna to join the international star's MADAME X worldtour. After the world experience, Jéssica Pina decides to return to Portugal and invest in her most recent EP "Vento Novo", and this way the Portuguese composer, instrumentalist and singer has been conquering with performances in cities all over the Portugal and even in Madrid. The new work is composed of 4 tracks, where the artist takes risks in the composition and in the texts sung by herself. From the EP the song "Vento Novo", "Romeu", and "Drama Queen", were made by João Pedro Moreira, responsible for videos of artists such as Dino D`Santiago, Branko, Rita Vian, Teresinha Landeiro, among others. 2022 was marked with her presence in many festivals like EDPCOOLJAZZ, on the same stage and day that Jorge Ben Jor, Matosinhos em Jazz, Abril Jazz Mil, Tomar Jazz, Jazz no Palácio and Mea Jazz.

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  1. 23 June 2024
    _ lisboa, portugal
    Jardim de Verão - Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
    entrada livre
  2. 30 June 2024
    _ porto, portugal
    essência festival - museu nacional soares dos reis
  3. 04 July 2024
    _ paris, france

  4. 05 July 2024
    _ Montpellier, france

  5. 07 July 2024
    _ Grenoble, france

  6. 10 July 2024
    _ madrid, spain

  7. 05 September 2024
    _ lisboa, portugal
    Superb_ALL Lux Frágil
    entrada livre
  8. 27 September 2024
    _ johannesburg, south africa
    Joy of Jazz festival
  9. 28 September 2024
    _ johannesburg, south africa
    Joy of Jazz festival
  10. 12 October 2024
    _ sertã, portugal
    casa da cultura