_ Branko is at the epicenter of Portuguese contemporary music. Preparing his next album (Q1 2024), the producer, composer, DJ, visionary, João Barbosa (Branko) has the next self-challenge to further raise the level of excellence that has inhabited us. From producer of the unavoidable Buraka Som Sistema (founder), stints on the national and international radio (Antena 3, NTS and BBC Radio 6), curator of festivals lineups throughout Europe, as well as the acclaimed TV program (Club Atlas), Branko has been the central point of an identity sound that increasingly breaks down barriers.

  The iconic performances at festivals (NOS Alive, NOS Primavera Sound, Super Bock Super Rock, among others) catapult his solo shows as well as moments as special as happened in 2020, in which Branko performed on the April 25th at Avenida da Liberdade (together with Dino D`Santiago), as well as presentations in theaters in Portugal, in which for the first-time electronic music gained space in venues often more associated with other musical genres.

2024 is the time to celebrate a new album by one of the most notable artists in contemporary Portuguese music. 

Inês Lopes

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