_ Branko is at the epicenter of contemporary Portuguese music. With his new album, "Soma", producer, composer, DJ and visionary João Barbosa (Branko) has challenged himself to raise the bar even higher. The new album is the result of in-depth study, research, travel and production, where the artist presents his versatile universe of musical composition. Branko invited musicians into the studio to add harmonies and melodies to his productions.

For "Soma", Branko traveled between Lisbon, London and Rio de Janeiro. "Nuvem" (feat. BIAB), "Agenda" (feat. Bryte), "Found My Way" (feat. Carla Prata) and "Slide" (feat. Jay Prince) are some of the well-known tracks from the new album.

On stage, Branko intends to bring musicians to accompany him, in what is an exercise in recreating the atmosphere of his latest album on stage.

In 2024, a different chapter begins for the founder of the inescapable Buraka Som Sistema, curator of festival line-ups throughout Europe, as well as the acclaimed TV show Club Atlas. Branko has been the focal point of an identity sound that is increasingly breaking down barriers.

Inês Lopes
  1. 02 August 2024
    _ chaves, portugal
    Festival N2
    entrada livre
  2. 16 August 2024
    _ paredes de coura, portugal
    vodafone paredes de coura
  3. 28 November 2024
    _ lisboa, portugal
    coliseu dos recreios