André Henriques

_ "André Henriques continues to be one of the greatest songwriters in Portugal" - Fernando Costa, Ípsilon (Público) on Set (2023)
“Leveza” is the title of André Henriques second albumSongwriting, personalized composition, and unique work presents the artist`s greatest weapons. For the successor to "Cajarana" (2020), André Henriques was joined by Domenico Lancellotti (Orquestra Imperial, Adriana Calcanhotto) and multi-instrumentalist Ricardo Dias Gomes (Caetano Veloso). The album was recorded in Lisbon, at the Cave studio. For the aesthetics of the album, he invited the design collective from Porto (Studio Dobra). He called his long-time friend  for Paulo Segadães photography and a trilogy of videoclips composed of “Os fantasmas de amanhã”,  “As Janelas São de Abrir” ,and the most recent  “Espanto”.

For the live performance, André Henriques presents his show in a trio with a repertory that is gaining more and more followers from great song writers.

Ines Lopes
  1. 07 June 2024
    _ porto, Portugal
    primavera sound