_ In 2021 the news is a new EP by Churky. Entitled "mossas", the record has the single "mapa" as its first advance. Diogo Rico (Churky's name) is the author of all the themes that present a differentiating touch, which led him to victory in the EDP Live Bands 2018 and catapulted Churky to greater recognition, as are the cases of performances at the festivals NOS Alive (Portugal), Mad Cool (Spain) and Belém Art Fest (Portugal).  In 2019 he edits his debut album ("É") with singles such as "NNN (Nada Nem Ninguém)", "É" and "Pente Fino", and in the same year he performs at the EDP Cool Jazz festival. After having written "Quando Eu Quiser"in 2020, for Cristina Branco, Churky now conquers the consistency of a very significant Portuguese composition.

Maria Salgado
Nádia Pereira