Teresinha Landeiro

_ Teresinha Landeiro wants to mark her fado in a strong way. It is at the Mesa de Frades house (Alfama, Lisbon) that she reveals herself weekly and is the starting point for building an enviable yet very young curriculumCentro Cultural de Belém and Capitólio (Lisbon) as well as the Casa da Música (Porto) have already welcomed the young fado singer and composer, as well as events such as Festival Caixa AlfamaEDP Fado Cafe NOS Alive and even the internationalization at the Fado Festival in Bogotá (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Seville (Spain). In 2021 presents new album 'Agora' (SONY), which includes music by Teresinha Landeiro herself, revealing a young fadoambitious and light as the fado singer's own personality.

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  1. 07 October 2021
    _ amadora, portugal
    Amadora Fado - Cineteatro D. João V
  2. 17 October 2021
    _ Madrid, spain
    teatro real - FESTIVAL DE FADO DE MADRID