Mallu Magalhães

_ Mallu Magalhães has impressive figures for such a young age. Millions and millions of Youtube views (ie: "Velha e Louca" with 29M), a strong community of social networks (672k on Facebook and 353k on Instagram), sold out tours in Brazil and Portugal at 27 years only. For 2018 Mallu decided to present her songs to new audiences such as Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and Amsterdam. In 2020, Mallu is back with a new album that counts with the production of Mario Caldato Jr, reputed producer of names such as Beastie Boys e Jack Johnson, among others, and videoclips of Bruno Ilogti, director that worked with Anitta e Fergie. The release of the album is scheduled for 2020 and the tour will start right after. 

Pedro Trigueiro
Inês Lopes
Nádia Pereira

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