_ Churky is the name that gives life and body to the songs of the composer, guitarist and singer Diogo Rico Rodrigues. The pop umbrella gives space for indie and jazzy moments. At the age of 13 he founded his first band and by the age of 15 was already writing his own songs. It is with the thought in them (in the songs) that it records its first works and it releases them online, reaching at the public television and national radios. 2018 presents itself as a unique year. The "Estorias" EP is gaining more and more audience and the winning at EDP Live Bands has give Churky a better profile in terms of massive audience, as are the cases of the performances at the festivals NOS Alive (Portugal) and Mad Cool (Spain).

Pedro Trigueiro
Inês Lopes
  1. 17 October 2019
    _ albergaria-a-velha, portugal
    cineteatro alba