_ Branko is the face of the activism of the Global Club Music. His presence in the BBC Radio 1 raised the level not only of his own mission but also of his partners of all times, Buraka Som Sistema. Producer, songwriter, DJ and a visionary, João Barbosa (Branko) is the name linked to Enchufada (label he founded) and Buraka Som Sistema (founding member). 2015 becomes the year of his recent album 'Atlas' followed by presentations all over the world. In 2017 he starts a residence on NTS (UK) radio with the program "Enchufada na Zona", a name inspired by the compilation of the same name. 2018 is the year of new music, residence of Enchufada at BLeza (Lisbon) with "Na Surra", invasion of Porto (Maus Hábitos) with "Enchufada no Maus", the night of the year in October with "Enchufada na Zona" and the curatorship at the NOS Alive festival in July.

Pedro Trigueiro
Joana Morgado
  1. 13 April 2019
    _ Castelo Branco, Portugal
    Cine Teatro Avenida
  2. 24 April 2019
    _ Aveiro
    Teatro Aveirense
  3. 27 April 2019
    _ Braga, Portugal
    Theatro Circo