Beatriz Pessoa

_ The EP "Insects" presented Beatriz Pessoa. Delicate songs of jazz mood with jovial and feminine touch, just like the case of "You Know", the debut song, that has honors to be present in the compilation New Talents FNAC 2017. The video for the song was direct by João Pedro Moreira (Buraka Som Sistema, Ana Moura, Regula, among others) and reached airplay from radios such as TSF, Radio Nova, Marginal and Antena 3 (partner station to premiere the video for "Disguise", directed by Joana Linda). Presentations in rooms such as the Casa da Música (Porto) and the presence in the MED festival and EDPCoolJazz (at the opening of the Jamie Cullum show) reinforce that we are in the presence of one of the most promising talents of Portuguese music.

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