André Henriques


André Henriques is absolutely a must-see name in today’s Portuguese music scene. With a consistent career with his band Linda Martini, André Henriques has been noted for his careful writing, subverting the foundations of pop music, his constant courtship with Fado and Portuguese song and his emotional lyrics and blunt that found echo in a generation that fell in love with Portuguese music again. In addition to his usual band, the author has devoted himself in recent years to writing songs for other performers, such as Cristina Branco, and the prolific collaborations with Rui Carvalho (Filho da Mãe). Fado has already pulled him into writing, through Cristina Branco, for example. 2020 presents the debut solo album. The album features production by Ricardo Dias Gomes, Brazilian musician who has collaborated with Caetano Veloso, Adriana Calcanhoto or Jesse Harris. In this first solo album André extends his identity, always starting from the text to create a very own musical universe filled with stories that bind us to the last syllable.

Pedro Trigueiro
Ines Lopes
  1. 29 March 2020
    _ Fafe, Portugal
    Teatro Cinema de Fafe
  2. 18 April 2020
    _ Setúbal, Portugal
    Casa da Cultura
  3. 22 April 2020
    _ Lisboa, Portugal
  4. 01 May 2020
    _ Ponte de Lima, Portugal
    Teatro Diogo Bernardes
  5. 02 May 2020
    _ tavira, portugal
    serões da primavera
  6. 16 May 2020
    _ Vila Real, Portugal
    Teatro de Vila Real
  7. 22 May 2020
    _ Braga, Portugal
    Theatro Circo
  8. 30 May 2020
    _ Gafanha da Nazaré, Portugal
    Fábrica das Ideias