André Henriques

_ André Henriques has a new álbum in 2023 and the release its scheduled for the first half of 2023.
After the success of the public and media with solo debut album, entitled “Cajarana”, the composer and performer has a second chapter in the present year of 2023. If the debut album received praise from media such as Observador, Radar, Antena 3, among many others, the next work is a clear cementation of André Henriques as one of the main songwriters in Portuguese language in recent times. To prove this, there is also the most recent invitation to integrate the composers to the Festival da Canção, in Portugal, in the 2023 edition.
On the next album André Henriques develops in his solo experience an intimate, disruptive vision and at the same time closer to the song format.
Flanked by a duo on stage, André Henriques gives us an experience in which his lyrics are adorned with a lot of identity from the 2 musicians who get along with him on stage.

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